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Welcome to the Beyond Texture Academy.


Throughout your professional journey here,  we will be diving into texture - from wavy s'wavy textures to curls and coils and so much more.  You will learn how to connect and build rapport with your textured guests, create customized shapes with our Dimensional Artistry courses created for all textures, and to formulate your guests hydration formulation for all of their styling needs.

The foundational approach you will learn in the Beyond Texture academy can be customized and applied to all textures all while still maintaining your artistic edge.

We believe our professional community unifies cultures by emphasizing texture education in an industry that has sometimes fallen short.


Beyond Texture Academy welcomes you as a pioneer in the beauty industry.

Now Offering


This is a one hour Zoom consultation wherein we discuss your personalized goals behind the chair and behind the sink.  Within our Dimensional Artistry approach to texture and our Condition with Intention styling courses, I will be able to customize your approach to texture.  This will include anything from wavy, curly, super curly, and tight curls.  We can discuss the following:

-       to better understand and connect with your guest;

-       how to create movement in your haircuts;

-       how to create better, longer lasting shapes;

-       how to style for volume vs. definition; and
-       how to create better finishing results in the sink.


This will include Dimensional Artistry and Condition With Intention downloadable information and one video relevant to the specified texture (valued over $150).

One on One


In-Salon Classes

Customized workshops specifically tailored to your textured guests.  This hands on workshop will be customized to include our Dimensional Artistry cutting approach to one of the following texture categories: waves, curly, super curly, and tight curl guests.  We will dive into product knowledge and understanding ingredients to better customize your guest's Hydration Formulation. 

Please contact Jessica to discuss a course for your salon.


Styling Tutorials

Understand how to better formulate your guest's Hydration Formulation.  Four different textures are demonstrated in our Condition With Intention styling videos.  Each are available individually for $50 or you can purchase all four videos for $160 by clicking "subscribe" below.

Styling Tutorials

Styling Tutorials

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