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Effective for all appointments booked on May 1, 2023 or after are subject to a price increase.  Please refer back to the Salon Experiences page found here to note the new price increase.  The price increase is applicable to new and returning guests.  Thank you for your continued support.)


  • Appointments will become available one day at a time for the following 60 days. 

  • (i.e. Saturday, March 5th, will allow for Wednesday, May 4, 2022 to become available)

  • Appointments will no longer open up one month at a time.

  • All appointments will be first come first serve.

  • Any cancellations during the 60 day period will remain open until secured by a new appointment (meaning some appointments may become available throughout the duration of the 60 days)

  • Routinely check the calendar to see if something has become available.

  • In the event you are unable to secure an appointment, there is an option of a $100 convenience fee to be applied to all appointments scheduled outside of my scheduled hours.  Please email me directly at to inquire further. 

The prices listed below are a base rate of the experiences offered at Beyond Texture.  Please note prices may vary depending on hair density, hair history, etc.  Please refer to our appointment preparation policy for more information.

More information regarding a New Guest Experience can be found here.

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