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Welcome, Curl Goddess.  


Your curls have led you here to Beyond Texture, the dream I didn’t know I needed.  Yes, needed.  While I was born a curly girl, I did not realize their potential (or my own) until I aspired to help you embrace yours.   

I am a Kansas native at heart, and that Kansas grit has served me well chasing curly girl dreams in NYC.  I began my own curl journey in 2012, while I sat behind my desk as a legal assistant in Wichita, Kansas, aching to find ease to my morning routine.  When I started beauty school I dreamed of a day only servicing curly clients.  My perseverance led me to the DevaCurl academy where overnight I decided to cancel my flight back home.  

True story.  You would not be here if I didn’t. (It’s okay, you can say it, “You’re not in Kansas anymore.”)   

These last five years I’ve explored the depths of over 7,000 curly crowns, from Jewish Haitian to Pacific Islander-Latina and so much more.  The combinations are endless.  I’ve taught on many stages across 35 states – all about curls! I strive to create customized shapes that are meant to flourish and are just as unique as the individual in the chair.  Behind the chair, I genuinely listen to each of my guests’ curl stories with my curly girl ear and while wearing my curl specialist hat.

When I’m not chasing curly girl dreams (because they’re some big ones), I'm a PomMom to my fur baby, Athena, and a plant mom to my newly acquired green thumb ways.  You may just catch me singing at the top of my lungs to some Whitney or catch wind of an upcoming burlesque performance, a la Lady Knight.  This journey continues to unveil to me my truest, boldest self, and I can only hope to inspire you Beyond Texture.  As learning how to love what you have when society says otherwise is a challenge all of us women face.   


Being curly isn’t a curse when you learn to embrace your crown, and I look forward to being a part of your curl journey.   


- Jessica

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