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Be sure to emulsify all cleansers before applying to your scalp.  Get into the general practice of working the cleanser from your roots to ends, and as needed, you can cleanse the scalp and let the cleanser run through your ends.  

A good practice is also to do a gentle clarifier by doing two cleanses back to back.  Yes, shampoo rinse and repeat!  Be sure to not "suck or squeegee" out the remaining water!  Rinse cleansers as you would rinse a sponge, scrunching and flushing the water through the hair.  


This is the most important step of your entire wash day!  It's no longer slap it on, shave your legs, and rinse it off!  Yes, I see you!  Emulsify first! Be sure to section off the hair (as needed) and apply in sections.  Work through the hair with conditioner while incorporating water to encourage slip.  Proceed with each section until complete.  Gently rinse away all conditioner to retain curl definition.  Do not "squeegee" out the remaining water.  


This is the icing on the cake!  Literally!  Decorate your curls for moisture, hold, or volume depending on your desired outcome!  Creams will provide minimal hold, shine and moisture.  Gels will create the most longevity. Mousses and spray will enhance texture and shine!   


From clarifying cleansers to deep conditioners, scalp scrubs and more!