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Welcome Curl Goddess

I am thrilled to be able to offer you and your texture a salon experience like none other. 

Continue reading below to know what to expect for all Beyond Texture experiences. 

As always, please reach out to Jessica directly if you have any questions.

Stylist Expecations

Welcome to the Beyond Texture Community.  I am thrilled you’re here.  To get the most out of your Beyond Texture experience, it is imperative to know this is a partnership that requires your participation and commitment.  Partnering with Beyond Texture will consist of your investment in your Crown through time, quality products, consistency.  My goal is to provide you with a solid hair regimen and offer you the best styling techniques customized for your texture in between visits.


We are inclusive to “wash and go” services only and not designed for those looking for a "quick fix". We use a variety of cutting techniques best suited for your lifestyle to craft a tailored look based on your density, curl pattern, and goals.  To see your best results, this process may take time depending on the condition of your hair. You must be comfortable wearing your hair in its natural state and embrace all the woes that comes with Embracing Your Crown.  


A Dimensional Artistry cut is designed for those who wear their curly hair 90-100% of the time. Textured hair is made up of different curl patterns that may read differently when it is in an altered state.  Beyond Texture will not assure the quality and longevity of its services if you choose to wear your hair straight. 

If you are not ready for this commitment, Beyond Texture may not be the right fit for you. 


In the event you are not ready to commit to this journey with Beyond Texture on your side, I strongly encourage you to check out our styling tutorials to help jump start your healthy hair journey.

Day of Experience



Beyond Texture is located 2 blocks north off the Nostrand 3 train stop; 4 blocks north off the President 2/5 stop; and 10 minute walk from the S and 4 trains.  The salon is sandwiched between Colina Cuervo coffee shop and Two Saints cocktail bar on the east side of Nostrand Avenue.  Also, there's street parking available and a parking meter right in front of the salon.  When you arrive, the door will be locked and Jessica will let you in.  You may sanitize your hands upon entry and get comfortable because it's all about you and your curls.  Due to COVID-19 pandemic, you must follow Beyond Texture's policies found here


Beyond Texture provides phone chargers, samples as available, compassion, curl goodies, snacks, and plenty of air hugs.



Please arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment.  You will begin with a thorough consultation, where together you will discuss your hair history, products used, previous chemical services performed, and expectations for your first visit.  This will allow a mutually shared vision for your first visit, as well as your future visits.  More information on that can be found here.

Once Jessica has established your length and shape goals, Jessica will create a customized shape just for you.  Then we will proceed to the hydration station for your Condition with Intention experience, complete with a detoxifying cleanse, scalp massage, and intense conditioning treatment. Together, we will properly assess your hydration formulation and learn more about your curls and your at-home maintenance.  We will chose your styling products based on hair needs, your overall desired results and longevity.  Jessica will then teach you how to properly dry and diffuse your curls for a beautiful finish.  The experience will conclude with a recap of all the knowledge gained, a maintenance schedule, and a review of the products available for purchase.  

We must remember it is a journey to learn to love and embrace our crown as we undo the bounded strands and allow our curls to flourish.  Patience with ourselves is key as we learn to accept a new reflection, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

As it will always be Beyond Texture. 

Perhaps you're not sure what to book, that's okay!  Click below for a consultation request.

Prior to Experience

If this is your first time seeing Jessica, you'll want to click above on our "Submit New Guest Request" to be directed to fill out helpful information regarding your first experience.  As Jessica is the only one reviewing this information, feel free to share your most vulnerable curl wishes and photos. 

There's no curl shaming here! 

At the completion of the request, you will receive a welcoming e-mail from Jessica.  In the event you are a right fit for Beynd Texture, you will be eligible to book your first experience.  (The Platinum experience is required for all of Jessica's first-time guests.)  It's important to know that as a new guest of Beyond Texture, the Platinum experience will allow for extra time for a thorough consultation and proper time to create a tailored routine for you, and so much more. 

When you select "Book Now" after the completion of the New Guest Request, you will be redirected to our booking page to book your experienceUpon booking, you will receive a system generated confirmation. 


Prior to your experience, you'll want to be sure your curls are best prepared for a Beyond Texture visit. 

At least 30 days leading up to your appointment you will forgo the use of oils, butters, and Eco Styler/Wetliner gel, heavy butters, oils, coconut oil, silicones, petroleum, lanolin, echo gel, wetliner styler gel, Cantu products, Shea moisture products, castor oil, Mielle, etc.


These products/ingredients prevent water from entering in and have a huge impact on the outcome of your hair at our appointment. 


What do I need to do?


Clarify with or Malibu Un doo goo, Kinky Curly Come Clean, once every 6 weeks. These are strong cleansers that help to start the process of removing build up from the hair. Use as directed!

  It is required that you arrive with freshly cleansed, dry curls that are worn down in their natural fall.  (no pony tails, braids, buns, etc.)  Please keep your stylers to a minimum. More information can be found here.  At Beyond Texture we understand how vulnerable this may feel to some.  However, this will ensure together we can achieve the best hydration formulation for you.       

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