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Here are a list of commonly asked questions.  Hold down command + F / control + F to do a keyword search.  

I've Been Trying To Book An Appointment And There Are No Options Available, Is This Accurate?


Yes, it can be. The calendar is 60 day rolling calendar.  If there are not any availabilities, I encourage you to check back as cancellations do happen.  We appreciate your patience.


I Do Not See Available Appointments Past A Certain date, do You Have A Waiting List? 


No.  Beyond Texture no longer offers a Waiting list.  All appointments are first come, first serve.  In the even tyou are looking to secure a specific date and time, there is a $100 convenience fee option to be added to any service.  Please contact Jessica directly via email here.  


Where Are You Located?


We are located at 755 Nostrand Avenue, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.  We have a store front glass window and door with a sign on each.  We are at the corner of St. Johns and Nostrand Avenue on the southeast corner between Two Saints Bar and Colina Cuervo. The 2,3,4,5 trains are 2-5 blocks away, and the A/C and LIRR are about a 15 minute walk.


Do I Need To Do Anything Before I Arrive?


Yes, please read for more information on what to expect and how to arrive. 


What Should I Use For To Prepare My Hair For My Appointment?


Please review the new guest page to best prepare  As advised, please refrain from using butters and oils.  All recommended products can be found in my online store here


Can I Cancel Or Reschedule Online?


Yes, please review your text message or email from my Square system to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  Please note there is a cancellation charge in the even you cancel less than 48 hours from the date of your appointment. 


Do You Work Evenings Or Weekends?


There are limited weekends and evening appointments opened every month.  There is a $100 convenience fee applicable for additional evening or weekend appointments.  Please email Jessica directly to discuss this option.


I Am Not New To Getting My Hair Done Curly, Do I Still Have To Have A Platinum Experience Even If I Have Seen Other Curly Hair Stylists?


We love that you have seen other stylists and respectfully ask if you have never visited our establishment, we request you to book a Platinum Experience as your first experience with Beyond Texture.  This will allow for a full analysis of your texture and where you currently are on your curl journey. 


Can I Come In For A Consultation First This Way You Can See My Hair Before Booking An Appointment?


All consultations are done virtually and can be booked through this link.  There is a $75 charge for a half hour consultation.  In addition to securing an appointment, please submit a Guest Intake Form here

Do You Offer Gift Cards? I'd Like To Buy One For My Wife / Colleague / Friend


Yes, you can email Jessica directly to purchase a gift card.  Please include if you would like to purchase it for a dollar amount or an experience and also include the recipient’s first and last name. 


What Products Do You Recommend For My Hair?


We will discuss more about what products are best for your hair after a thorough analysis of your hair and routine during your scheduled appointment. However, we can assist you on what ingredients to look out for: Isopropyl alcohol, Propanol, PEG(all numbers), Sodium Laural Sulfate, silicone based ingredients, and products with heavy oils and butters.


I Purchased Products Off The Shop’s Affiliate Links. If There Is An Issue, Do I Take It Up With You Or The Manufacturing Company?


Thank you for using our links. They help with shipments and offer you the best quality products directly from the company themselves. Any issue you may have, their customer service can help you and their contact is located in your order confirmation email.


Will My Hair Look Good Straightened After A Curly Cut?


Yes our haircuts do. However, we don't guarantee nor promise end results to be flawless for a blow out. If you'd like to have the option and it is very important to you, we may not be the best fit for you.



Does The Studio Offer Hair Color Services?


We have not offered hair color services.  However we offer haircuts, scalp treatments and Olaplex treatments.  For color services, we recommend contacting the following colorists:


Do You Take Men And/Or Children? Are There Different Rates Applicable For Men And Children?


Yes men and children are encouraged to be our guests!  The rates are the same for men and children. 



I Had Chemo And My Hair Grew In Curly, Is This Normal? Can You Help Me?


I know going through treatment is painful, especially when you have experienced losing your hair. This is a common occurrence and referred to as “chemo curls” in the texture community.  You are absolutely welcome in Beyond Texture to help better understand your new texture. 

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